NARS Exposed Cheek Palette Review & Swatches

NARS Exposed Cheek Palette a versatile palette for every skin tone

NARS Exposed Cheek Palette is a limited edition versatile blush palette of six lightweight pigments encapsulated in a special formula that delivers a sheer wash of color. The cheek palette comes with 6 soft blush shades that look flattering on every skin tone and suits every occasion.

Blushes is one of my favorite makeup item. It can completely change and finish off the makeup look. I love to have many different blush shades to pick from to match with my eyeshadows.

NARS Exposed Cheek Palette includes every blush shade you need in the same palette and also a stunning champagne-colored highlighter.

This blush palette has a beautiful watercolor design with a rippling water texture over top. It truly looks like ripples of water and it’s so luxurious. The palette itself is made of sturdy plastic with a beautiful pink pattern and feels very substantial in your hands. The inclusion of a huge mirror is a massive bonus. The product inside is very well protected. True to form, NARS has created a little hand-sized masterpiece.

When it comes to NARS blush, a cheek palette is definitely the way to go as they offer up a really good value saving compared to the individual blushes.

It is limited edition so pick it up to avoid missing out. The NARS seasonal palettes always sell out, just as an FYI. This one is particularly special because the packaging is just stunning and the shades are so gorgeous. 

Lightweight Blendable Formula

NARS’ color clarity complex is a lightweight powder encapsulated in a clear base that builds effortlessly and blends seamlessly onto any skin tone.

The formula allows pigment to be built up while it never will look chalky or heavy. Another great thing with the blushes is that they can be worn wet or dry for different effects. Apply wet for a more high impact glow and apply for a second-skin color effect. Shades can be worn individually or blended together for multidimensional sheen.


Swatches Nars Exposed Palette

Swatches from left to right: Tell All, Give It Away, Now or Never, Make you Mine, Come Hither, New Fling (Applied dry)


Tell All

Tell All (Top row, left) Champagne gold with warm undertones and a metallic sheen. The texture is soft, slightly drier to the touch, and didn’t feel quite as firmly-pressed in the pan as the other five shades. The pigmentation is opaque applied dry as well as wet, though the wet application intensified the finish to look brighter and shinier. It offers a soft and gentle highlight but as you layer, it looks more intense and glossy. I love how soft and seamless the texture of this highlighter is and how it blends beautifully into the skin.  It stays on nicely applied with a dry brush and a few hours more applied with a wet brush.

Now Or Never

Now Or Never (top row, middle) is a soft, peachy terracotta with warm undertones. The blush doesn’t have any shimmer but the formula does offer a soft glow. It is like a luminous satin finish. It has nearly opaque color coverage when applied dry, and with a wet brush, it delivers opaque coverage in one go. It has a smooth, denser consistency but not stiff or difficult to blend out.

It best to use with a flatter, denser blush brush than a very airy fluffy brush, especially for dry use. I don’t think it has to be used with a dampened brush unless you want very intense bright color and a smoother sheen. It lasted well applied dry and a few more hours applied with a wet brush. This shade may not show up that obvious on a tan skin tone but light to medium, it is beautiful. It also makes a lovely eyeshadow too. 

Give It Away

Give It Away (top row, right) is a slightly muted, medium-dark brown with warm undertones and a pearly sheen. This blush gives you a sunkissed kind of look with a perfect blend of deep bronze and a touch of red.  It can be used as a warm bronzer as well as a blush. The texture is smooth to the touch but firmer and denser overall. It will work well with denser blush brushes to pick up color. It has opaque pigmentation regardless of dry or wet application, but it’s a little bit shinier when applied with a wet brush. It wears well the whole day both wet and dry on me.

Make You Mine

Make You Mine (bottom row, left) is a light-medium coral with warm undertones and a satin sheen. It adds the perfect bit of flush to the skin.  Applied dry, it has buildable pigmentation from medium to semi-opaque applied dry, and it is easy to blend out. Applied wet, it had more semi-opaque to opaque coverage that adhered well but wasn’t quite as easy to blend out. The texture was slightly more dry, more firmly-pressed, and seemed less yielding compared to other shades in the palette. It lasted well for eight hours applied both dry and wet on my skin.

Come Hither

Come Hither (bottom row, middle) is a medium-dark pink with subtle, cool undertones and fine, golden shimmer. This vibrant raspberry shade offers a beautiful fresh flush, especially when paired with a more subdued eye look and a fresh pink lip. This shade will show up on most skin tones and it is very pigmented. I recommend picking up a little bit and building this shade if you need to.  It has buildable pigmentation from semi-sheer to semi-opaque when applied dry, and then more intense coverage–more semi-opaque to opaque–when applied with a dampened brush.

The finish is a bit more glossy when applied with a dampened brush as well, but it wasn’t quite as blendable as it was dry. The consistency was denser, firmer, and a little drier to the touch, so using a medium dense blush brush would be best when working with the formula dry. It stayed on well the whole day on my skin.

New Fling

New Fling (bottom row right) is a medium-dark, pink with subtle, cool undertones and a pearly sheen. This shade is buildable and it is very much a classic pink. It has nearly opaque pigmentation in a single layer when applied dry, though the firmer, denser consistency made it easier to adjust brush pressure to pick up just a bit of product. The color had full coverage in one layer when applied with a dampened brush, though it wasn’t as blendable this way. It wore well for many hours applied both dry and wet.


Limited Edition

Available in the U.S: HERE

Available Worldwide: HERE

My Thoughts of NARS Exposed Cheek Palette

Overall thoughts

My experience with NARS Exposed Cheek Palette is really positive. I love the mix of neutral, warm and cool-toned blushes in the palette. I also love that there is a champagne-colored highlighter shade and a shade I can use as a bronzer as well. The shades look flattering on every skin tone.


These blushes last all day long, beyond 8 hours, which is very impressive.

My love for this formula and finish is consistent with many of the similar wet/dry cheek products NARS has launched over the last few years. They’re pretty pigmented dry, so wet application just intensifies the coverage more quickly and can make the finish become more shimmery/glossy.

The shades may seem to pigmented if you have fair skin like me, but if you use a light hand they will blend seamlessly.

The thing about this formula is that when you pick it up on your brush initially, it is a little tricky. You have to really rub the brush into the product and pick up quite a bit of blush.

The powders are soft and very smooth but they also have a slight waxiness to them, which is why they are a bit difficult to pick up on a brush. However, they apply very evenly, smooth, and they are very bendable.

The shades are easy to apply and they always apply evenly. The pigment is very buildable, which is what I prefer in a blush because you can never overdo it or need to worry about blending it into the skin. It offers a soft satiny luminosity without any shimmer, which means it will work for all skin types.

The powders also applies beautifully over foundation that has not been set. Which when it comes to powder blushes, is very rare.

Tips and tricks

I highly recommend using medium dense brushes with this type of formula, as the texture has a denser, firmer feel in the pan, but there’s no powderiness in the pan and the formula is pretty blendable on the skin. I use a stamping like motion to press the product into the skin, then I blend with the brush. 

I love using this palette on the eyes as an eyeshadow too when I’m in a hurry and I want a touch of shadow. This works so well and because it contains so many neutral shades, it’s so perfect for every day. 

Do you need it?

It’s great to have this kind of universal blush palettes that includes different options of shades when you’re traveling. The shades are very versatile and suit every occasion and I’m also enjoying the beautiful pink packaging very much.

If you’re a NARS lover, makeup collector or big on blush, this palette is perfection.

This is a truly beautiful palette. I highly recommend picking one up! The colorway is great and super versatile and the formula is unlike anything NARS has done in the past. It is easily my most used blush palette ever. That is pretty huge for me because I have a lot of cheek palettes!

What are your thoughts on the Exposed palette?

Do you prefer just buying one single blush or do you prefer blush palettes with multiple choices?

Love Skinbeautynurse

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. My opinion, and review of the product are completely honest and unrelated to any affiliate relationship. I’ve bought the products with my own money.

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